Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dice and Dragons Released for iOS!

After a very long wait, Dice and Dragons for iOS has been released. So far people are LOVING it's unique and powerful approach towards dice.
Also, it's currently FREE.


  1. I was just looking at this App. Very cool! Are their any plans for an Android version?

    1. Hello Russell!
      Yes! There is a plan for Android, that being said, it's been rather delayed due to a new child. If you'd like to email me at diceanddragons (using googles mail service) I'll send you an update when I get that closer!

  2. I had to reinstall on my iPad and I can't restore the dice i purchased. The 'restore purchases' does not do anything.

    c.corbett at tds.net

  3. Hello Chris!
    Let's get this fixed for you.
    For control and privacy reasons, Apple doesn't actually give me any info about individuals purchases. And once my app calls the "Buy Item" code, it's all handled by them. So I don't have any access to their code either, but there are a few things we can check.

    So first off, please go here and validate the purchase on that appleid: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204088


    1. Logout of store, and log back in during restore:
    Go into settings ->Store Account and log out. Then, restart. Open the app, and hit restore. It should trigger the "you need to log-in" box. Make sure to use the same apple ID and password as you used when you checked you buying history. Once you've done that, you'll need to click on the dice you had owned and check if they can be equipped.

    2. If you have the record that you purchased the dice, and you are sure it's the same account then Apple literally will not let you buy the same Item ID twice. If you try to buy the dice again, then it will say "Do you want to buy the Dice of the Frozen Sky for .99"? and if you click yes it will say "You already own this item, would you like to download it again for free?" Then click yes.

    Another option would be to try to delete the app and re-install. Then restore. The downside of this, is that you'd need to re-setup any characters and combo rolls.

    Sorry this is happening!

    Let me know if those options work for you. The easiest way to reach out to me is via the "feedback" button in the app. That emails me directly.

  4. Hi! I just got your dice app, and I even bought some sets of dice. But to equip them, it keeps telling me to select a character then select inventory. But when I get to the table after I select the character, there is nowhere to access the inventory. Help! Thanks.

  5. Is there an option to do more than one attack roll with individual results for each attack? I see in your apps window on the apps store you have 1st d20, 2nd d20 but don't see the option to do this while creating a combo set!

  6. Hello! Sorry to miss this so long. The easiest way to contact me directly, is to press the "Feedback" button in the app. That will send me a direct email.

    Faerewolf: Thanks for supporting the app! You can equip the dice once you have selected a character by pressing the button in the bottom right. Depending on your version it might be titled "Inventory" or "Change Dice". If you have any other issues, feel free to press the feedback button and I'll respond as soon as possible!

    Tom: Right now, each combo die's total value will be calculated as a single attack. The 2nd d20 is used for things like advantage. So, you CAN treat that like 2 different attacks as long as the attacks damage dice are the same. (So like 2 different attacks with the same weapon)

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  8. I have seen this gorgeous looking app in use by my friend during our DnD sessions and I have to say, I am jealous. I do not own any iOS device, and cannot find anything on android that compares to this. Do you have any plans to make this an android app in the near future? (And YES I would gladly pay for this.)